Do you need a B2B technology copywriter?

To find the answer, just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you sell complex technology to other businesses?
  • Do you want to generate steady streams of quality leads for your sales team?
  • Do you need to influence technical experts, as well as business decision-makers?
  • Do you want to increase market share and marketing ROI in the technology sector?


If you said "yes" to any of those, your answer to that first question is probably "yes", as well.

The Technology Marketing Conundrum

When you’re selling technology that will be used or maintained by engineers, your marketing needs to showcase the technical features and benefits that interest them, as well as the business benefits that are important to their management.

Most high tech B2B marketing fails because it’s weighted too heavily toward one or the other of those two sets of interests. Which one usually depends on who’s doing the writing.

Let’s face it, most marketing copywriters have little interest in wrapping their heads around complex technology. As a result, they tend to talk about it in a superficial way. Plus, they’ve been trained to stress benefits and ignore features as much as possible.

All of which infuriates your engineers… and the ones you’re marketing to.

That's why many technology companies rely on their technical staff to draft or review their marketing copy. But engineers tend to dwell almost exclusively, and in great detail, on the technical features and benefits they offer. The business benefits – and your marketing message – can easily get lost.

Why CopyEngineer?

I specialize in translating cutting-edge technologies into financially-oriented benefits that are meaningful and compelling to business buyers and executives, while also addressing the technical concerns of engineers.

I’m a B2B technology copywriter with extensive training in, business-to-business, direct response and online marketing techniques. But I’m also a former avionic systems engineer and manager with over 20 years of high-tech industry experience. I’ve long been a part of your target market. So I know what both engineers and executives in our market respond to.

How I weigh the concerns of those diverse buying influences depends mainly upon the primary audience – be they CEOs, CFOs, technical managers or engineers – for the project at hand. That’s extremely important if you want to generate large volumes of quality sales leads and high demand for your products and services.

Clearer Benefits for Your Target Market…Bigger Benefits for You

I help high-tech companies generate more leads, improve lead quality and shorten sales cycles by creating precisely targeted marketing content that addresses the bottom-line concerns of business decision makers, as well as the problems faced by engineers. A recent survey1 showed that over 67% of technology buyers prefer content focused on solutions to their particular business problems.

I shorten content development and review cycles, because I address both business and engineering needs – the entire review committee – in the first go-round. Your engineers don’t complain your collateral is too “light-weight”. You don’t have to worry about heavy technical details obscuring the marketing message. And sales and C-levels see immediately how the business value of your offering shines through.

Shorter development and review cycles mean shorter time to market, because your marketing content is ready in time for scheduled product launches. You avoid arduous revision cycles with each department adding and subtracting. So your marketing materials don’t read like they’ve been written "by a committee", or worse yet, by your legal department.

I also help marketing align with sales by working with your sales team to give them just the kind of marketing collateral they want: materials that generate demand by addressing the concerns, needs and interests of the busy decision makers and skeptical engineers they deal with.

Giving sales more effective tools helps shorten sales cycles and thus increase sales. But it also makes your marketing budget go farther. Because the same well-targeted marketing content your sales force wants can also be used in highly effective lead generation campaigns.

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So, are you ready to…

  • Generate more high-quality leads?
  • Shorten your campaign development cycles?
  • Better align with sales?
  • Reduce time to market?
  • Shorten sales cycles?
  • Improve your marketing ROI?

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The World's Most Powerful Tool for Influencing Technology Buyers

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1 KnowledgeStorm/MarketingSherpa Survey: How Technology Marketers Meet Buyers’ Appetite for Content, March 2007.