Finding a good Technology Copywriter isn't easy.

In high-tech, when you go looking for outside copywriting help, you need someone who:

  • Can grasp your advanced technology quickly and easily
  • Writes clearly, concisely and persuasively
  • Can sell your technology’s benefits convincingly to both executives and engineers.

But that’s a rare combination. So, most technology companies compromise when it comes to choosing an outside writer. And that can lead to poor marketing results.


Which of these Content Development Problems do you face?

Problem #1:  Non-technical copywriters

Let’s face it. The vast majority of ad agency and freelance copywriters have no background and very little interest in technology. They have difficulty communicating with engineers, understanding complex technologies, and expressing the technical and business benefits of those technologies in a believable way. The typical result: slow collateral development, arduous review cycles, missed deadlines and delayed rollouts.

Problem #2:  Technical and sales staff involved (reluctantly) in writing marketing content

Because of Problem #1, many technology companies press engineers, product managers or sales staff into service as part-time marketing copywriters. But sales have their quotas to meet, and engineering has its “real work” to do. So, collateral development usually gets put off until the last minute.

And of course, they aren’t trained copywriters. Engineers, in particular, tend to be overly detailed, their writing hard to follow. Your marketing message… gets buried.

Problem #3:  Overloaded writing staff

Even companies with in-house writing staff face challenges. Product launches and other peak periods, special projects and staff reductions can all make it difficult to keep collateral development on schedule without outside help.


The All-in-One Technology Copywriting Solution

CopyEngineer solves all three problems.

Unlike most copywriters, I’m also an engineer. Thanks to 20 years of hands-on technical experience, I can communicate easily with your SMEs and quickly come to grips with your technology.

But unlike most engineers, I’m highly trained in the art of persuasive copywriting.  I have experience in writing business-to-business, direct response and online copy. And I’m well-versed in techniques peculiar to a variety of special project types, including white papers, case studies, sales letters, direct mail, and various forms of online and offline advertising.

Even if you have permanent writing staff, I can help. Call me when you need a hand with  overflow during busy periods, when you need a special project done, or any time you want a new perspective and fresh ideas.


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