B2B Copywriting Services for Technology and Software Companies

As a B2B technology copywriting specialist, CopyEngineer's services are focused on providing the two things technology marketers need most from a professional copywriter: engaging informational content and effective lead generation campaigns.

My specialities include white papers, case studies and other types of content technology buyers crave, as well as direct response campaigns designed to get that content into the hands of qualified prospects.

For companies looking to improve materials they've developed themselves, I also provide copy critiquing and editing services.


White Paper Planning and Writing

Studies have shown white papers to be the most influential, most shared, and one of the most heavily consumed forms of marketing content among technology buyers.1 But technology vendors often struggle to produce effective white papers in a timely manner.

I can put an end to those struggles for you. I've written highly successful white papers and white paper promotional campaigns for a number of technology companies. I use proven processes, formulas and techniques – learned directly from such well-known white paper experts as Michael Stelzner, Gordon Graham and Jonathan Kantor – that ensure your white paper will appeal to your target audience and spur them into action.

Plus, I handle everything: from setting up and conducting interviews with your SMEs, to research of supporting facts, to writing, editing and proofreading. So you can relax and get on with other work, knowing your white paper will be delivered on time.

"An example of his skills is an executive briefing John created for us. I sent him a presentation that he turned into a masterful white paper. This executive briefing has been well received by management at several of our customers, which in turn has accelerated design wins."

Steve Grady
VP Marketing
Cymbet Corporation

Have an idea – or looking for one – for a new white paper? Call or write me today for a FREE consultation and a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Not sure what to look for in a white paper writer? Read this CopyEngineer "What to Look For" Guide: 7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a White Paper Writer.


Case Study Planning and Writing

There's no better tool for building credibility for your marketing claims than the customer "success story," or case study.

But case studies will only help you if your prospects read them. And prospects will only read case studies that are engaging and well written. The form looks simple, but case studies are not easy to write well. You need a skilled interviewer and storyteller to bring them to life.

CopyEngineer has experience with the entire case study development process. Using principles and techniques learned from case study masters like Casey Hibbard, Steve Slaunwhite and Ed Gandia, I can rapidly turn your customer’s success into a quick, compelling read that will stand out from the crowd, and grab the attention of your prospects.

Your case study will gain quick customer approval. Not only because I strive to put your customer in the best possible light, but because I use certain “secret ingredients” for case study success that many copywriters leave out. Plus, if there’s anything the customer doesn’t like, I’ll correct it. And all revisions are free of charge.

Call me today to start leveraging the power of your customers' success.


Content that Influences Technology Buyers

To better understand problems and possible solutions, technology industry professionals seek out relevant informational content. And they expect that content to be well written.

In a recent survey,2 86 percent of technology buyers considered high-quality writing in marketing collateral to be at least moderately influential in their purchasing decisions. And 51% called it either very or extremely influential.

So don’t leave the writing of your content marketing and sales support materials to chance. Leave it to a professional. With CopyEngineer, you'll get compelling, well-written content that's precisely targeted to the needs of your prospect audience. And you'll get that content on time, even to tight deadlines.

“John, we are very, very pleased with your work, and it is a real pleasure to work with you! You worked very hard to provide this task in this short timescale, and we appreciate your efforts and are grateful.”

Karin Nicholls
International Sales
MBS Electronic Systems

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Precision-Targeted Lead-Generation Campaigns

A steady stream of quality leads is what sales and management want most from marketing. So as a B2B marketing professional, your career depends on the effectiveness of your lead-generation campaigns.

My Precision-Targeted Marketing™ system makes sure you hit your target audience right where they live. Using proven direct response techniques and  over 20 years of tech industry experience,  I persuade technology buyers to raise their hands and say, "Yes, tell me more…" so you can capture their contact information and market to them on an on-going basis.

Contact me before your next campaign calling for:

  • Direct mail
  • Online sales letters
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
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  • Landing pages
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  • Space ads
  • Advertorials
To view samples of my work, visit my Successes page.


Copy Critique

CopyEngineer's Copy Critique service is ideal for clients who would like an objective second opinion on copy they've just created, or who want to revitalize a campaign that's no longer working as it once did.

When you submit copy to me for critique, what you'll get back is a thorough written analysis that explains what works, what doesn't, what needs to be changed and how. In other words, though I don't write copy for you under this arrangement, you will receive complete, detailed instructions on how to revise your piece.

Copy Critique is a great way for you to try my services at a price that's far lower than what you would pay me to write your copy for you. Plus, I’ll apply a discount if you decide to hire me to edit what I’ve critiqued (see Copy Editing, below).


Copy Editing

CopyEngineer offers Copy Editing as an add-on of its Copy Critique service.

Here’s how it works: You submit your copy for critique. I send you my analysis and recommendations. Then, if you think you’d like me to do the work, you simply request a free, no-obligation quote on all or part of the changes I’ve recommended. If the piece needs only editing and revising – not a complete re-write – I will apply a discount on the editing task.

Copy Editing is a great way to get an outside perspective – and professional wordsmithing at a discount – on a campaign or content you’ve developed in house. Call or write me today to learn more about my critique and editing services.


Seven Benefits You Can Expect from CopyEngineer

1. More sales leads. Because I create the type of well-written informational content technology buyers crave, and effective direct-response campaigns that get those buyers to register for that content.

2. Higher lead quality. Because I accurately target the content and campaigns I write to the needs, fears and desires of a precisely defined target audience.

3. Shorter development and review cycles. Because I work with you, and your sales and engineering teams, to account for the concerns of the entire review committee… in the first draft.

4. Shorter sales cycles. Because I address the bottom-line concerns of business decision makers, as well as the problems faced by engineers.

5. Better alignment with sales. Because the precision-targeted informational pieces I craft for your lead-generation campaigns are exactly the same materials your sales team wants and needs to help them move customers down the funnel.

6. Your marketing budget goes farther. Because well-written content can be effectively re-used in a variety of forms, at a fraction of the cost of developing new materials.

7. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Because if you're not satisfied with anything I've written for you, for any reason, I'll correct it or re-write it… at no additional cost.

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10 Common Mistakes That Kill White Paper ROI

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1 According to five consecutive B2B Technology Collateral Survey Reports (2008-2012) published by Eccolo Media, www.eccolomedia.com.
2 Eccolo Media 2009 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report, www.eccolomedia.com.