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+Q: Why do you call yourself a 'CopyEngineer'?


A: I call myself CopyEngineer because I’m a freelance copywriter who specializes in technology, and who's also an engineer.

But that title also reflects my approach. After all, my writing has to achieve a certain goal:  sell my client’s product or service. So I craft my copy with great attention to detail – both to what my client's customer needs, and how my client's product or service meets those needs – to be sure I achieve my goal... just as any good engineer would do.

+Q: What are your qualifications?


A: I have over 25 years experience in the technology industry as both an engineer and a writer. Over those years I've worked with many engineers from a wide variety of disciplines. I've been an engineering and management consultant, and a manager myself. And I've made countless presentations to business, financial and engineering decision makers. So, I really know your target market well.

After leaving engineering, I completed numerous courses in business-to-business, direct response and online copywriting. I’ve studied the works of many master copywriters, both past and present, with particular attention to techniques for selling high-tech products and services to corporations and engineers.

I've written for industry giants like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Alenia Aeronautica, and for many smaller companies, as well. A lead-generation campaign I created recently for a services firm – targeting technology companies exclusively – garnered a healthy 6% response rate.

In short, my combination of technology industry knowledge, engineering experience and B2B copywriting know-how uniquely qualifies me to write promotional materials for the technology and software market.

+Q: Why should we hire you rather than do the work in house?


A: You’ll save both time and money.

If you have a frequent need for new promotional material, you probably already have writers on staff. But they probably have a lot of ebb and flow in their workload. Off-loading some of the overflow to me when you have a rush makes more sense than hiring staff you can’t keep busy full-time.

Likewise, if you have an intermittent need for new promotional materials, it’s more cost effective to hire me than to have your engineers or sales staff do the writing. You’ll get the job done quicker. Your engineers won’t waste time on something they aren’t trained for. And you’ll get better results – more leads and sales – thus better ROI.

+Q: Why should we hire you rather than another copywriter or an ad agency?


A: You’ll be getting a copywriter who knows your industry and knows how to sell your product.

Most agency and freelance copywriters do not have a technical background. They’re more comfortable writing for the consumer market, or selling, shall we say, “low-tech” B2B products and services. In selling to those markets, it helps to emphasize the product’s benefits and downplay it’s technical features.

But that approach tends to turn off engineers, who are often a deciding influence in high-tech business purchases. Engineers are quick to dismiss hype and flashy graphics. They need solid technical information to decide if a component or tool is right for their application.

With my technical background, I’m able to address engineers’ needs while still stressing the business benefits that are important to executives, purchasing agents and accountants. That helps customers come to a consensus on a buying decision.

+Q: What kind of assignments do you handle?


A: I cover a wide range of print and online marketing materials. Specialties include white papers, case studies, trade journal articles, sales letters, direct mail packages, email marketing, print and web advertising, landing pages and website content. I also handle brochures, sell sheets, video and podcast scripts, and a variety of other projects. (For a more detailed list, see my Services page.)

What I don’t handle are technical support materials (user’s manuals, application notes, etc.), or investor relations publications like quarterly and annual reports. I am a full-time marketing copywriter.

+Q: How much does it cost to hire you for a project?


A: That depends on the project. Just call me to talk about what you have in mind, and I’ll quote you a price.

I quote on a project basis – not an hourly rate – and all revisions are included in my flat fee. So you don't have to worry about project costs climbing beyond your approved budget. And I’m happy to work with you on defining the scope of the project, to make sure my fee fits within your budget.

Call me at (+39) 011 569 4951 to discuss your project and get your free, no-obligation quote. Or fill out my contact form, and I'll get back to you.

+Q: How long will it take you to write our copy?


A: Again, that will depend on the project. Ideally, I’d like to have at least 2 to 3 weeks from the time I receive the information I need to get started. That gives me time to edit, revise and polish until I’m satisfied with every word – until the piece is effective as I can make it.

Of course, I realize there may be times when you can’t wait that long. If it’s a rush, just tell me the date by which you must receive the copy. If I decide to take the job, I guarantee that you will have it by that date…or earlier.

And no matter what the deadline, I guarantee the copy will be right. To your satisfaction.

+Q: What happens if we want to revise the copy?


A: Just tell me what needs to be improved and the specific changes you want me to make, and I’ll make them…fast, and at no charge. Revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed for the project, as long as you request them within 30 days of my submission, and they do not constitute a change in the assignment.

I will do my best to make sure you're pleased and enthusiastic about my copy when you receive it. But if you are not 100 percent satisfied, I will revise the copy to your specific guidelines – and at my expense.

+Q: But you’re in Italy, several time zones away… How can we work together?


A: While this isn’t really a frequently asked question, it does come up from time to time.

But it normally isn’t a problem. Here’s why.

When you off-load a writing project to me, you really are off-loading it. Once you send me the background material on your product or service — and the contact details of people I may need to talk with about it — I’m pretty much autonomous. You’ll get the copy you need, when you need it, without much further effort on your part.

I’ll keep in touch by email — to send you my copy platform or outline for approval, and if I find I need any additional bits of information — but you’ll hardly ever have to speak to me. Your copy will simply show up in your inbox on or before the deadline.

And if we do need to speak, we’ll do so at your convenience.

Even if you can’t call during Italian business hours, you can always drop me an email or leave a me a voicemail at any time. I’ll get back to you promptly. And I can be available for phone appointments outside of my office schedule.

So if you have a copywriting project you need done, why not contact me right now. My phone number and email address are listed at the top of this page. Or use my convenient contact form.

No project right now? Sign up for my monthly e-letter, Technical Response. It’ll make it easy for you to look me up when you do.  Either fill out the form on this page, at left, or fill out my contact form and check the box at the bottom of the page.  And while you're at it, check the box at the top of the page, too, to get your copy of my FREE special report: 10 Common Mistakes That Kill White Paper ROI: How to Avoid Them And Generate More Leads.

+Q: Do you do design, as well as copywriting?


A: My expertise is in copywriting. And while I usually provide suggestions on the general layout and choice of graphics for my pieces, I am NOT a graphic designer.

However if you need design as well as copy, I can:

  • Work with your preferred designer or design firm, or
  • Recommend a number of top-notch freelance designers who specialize in layout and design of marketing materials

Either way, I will collaborate closely with your chosen designer to make sure the copy and graphics work together to increase response.

Also – upon your request, and at no additional charge – I will review the design proofs before they go to press to make sure all elements are laid out for maximum effect.

Just call  (+39) 011 569 4951 or fill out my Contact form, and I'll get back to you right away.  We’ll discuss your project and determine what works best for you.

+Q: How do we place an order with you…and what info do you need from us?


A: Putting me to work for you is easy. Just call (+39) 011 569 4951, email me at, or fill out my contact form, so we can schedule a phone meeting to talk about your project. If your not sure about the type of project, I’ll be happy to discuss that with you and offer suggestions.

Once we’ve agreed on the assignment and deadline, I’ll analyze the project and send you your free, no-obligation quote. Normally, I can have that to you by the next day.

I'll also send a brief checklist that will help you collect the information I need to get started. Don’t worry about organizing anything – I’ll do that. Just collect all the information you can, and send it to me. If I have any questions, I’ll pick up the phone and ask.

Once you give me the go-ahead, I’ll analyze the background information and write the assignment for you. You will receive your copy on or before the deadline date. And remember... your satisfaction is guaranteed.

So why not try my service for your next sales letter, direct-mail package, case study, white paper, trade article, press release, ad or brochure? I promise you’ll be delighted with the results, or I'll re-write the copy until you are.

And be sure to ask for your copy of my FREE special report: 10 Common Mistakes That Kill White Paper ROI: How to Avoid Them And Generate More Leads.