Copy Critique and Editing

Want an second opinion on content you've just developed?

Have some existing content that needs freshening up? Perhaps a campaign or promotion that's not performing as expected?

CopyEngineer offers a pair of highly cost-effective options: Copy Critique and Copy Editing.

Copy Critique

CopyEngineer's Copy Critique service is ideal for clients who would like an objective second opinion on copy they've just created, or who want to revitalize a campaign that's no longer working as it once did.

When you submit copy to me for critique, what you'll get back is a thorough written analysis that explains what works, what doesn't, what needs to be changed, and how. In other words, though I don't write copy for you under this arrangement, you will receive complete, detailed instructions on how to revise your piece.

Copy Critique is a great way for you to try my services at a price that's far lower than what you would pay me to write your copy for you. Plus, I’ll apply a discount if you hire me to edit what I’ve critiqued (see Copy Editing, below).

Call CopyEngineer at (+39) 011 569 4951, or email me at to schedule a phone appointment and find out more.


Copy Editing

CopyEngineer offers Copy Editing as an add-on of its Copy Critique service.

Here’s how it works: You submit your copy for critique. I send you my analysis and recommendations. Then, if you think you’d like me to do the work, you simply request a free, no-obligation quote on all or part of the changes I’ve recommended. If the piece needs only editing and revising – not a complete re-write – I will apply a discount on the editing task.

Copy Editing is a great way to get an outside perspective – and professional wordsmithing at a discount – on a campaign or content you’ve developed in house. Call or write me today to learn more about my critique and editing services.


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