Meet John Cole (aka CopyEngineer)

Copywriter – Systems Engineer – Frustrated Opera Singer

Clients often tell me I'm a rarity: a copywriter who really understands technology and the B2B technology buyer.

But I think what makes me doubly rare is the reason why I'm able to communicate so persuasively with tech-savvy prospects: I'm an engineer who knows how to write.

(If you know engineers, you know how rare that is.)

A copywriter who understands technology

You see, unlike most copywriters, I have more than 20 years of hands-on technical experience as a systems engineer and project manager.

I’ve designed system operation and specified requirements for integrating dozens of new capabilities on advanced fighter aircraft. I’ve overseen testing and qualification of similar systems. I’ve had articles published in Tech Briefs magazine, Aerospace Testing International and Machine Learning. I even won an award for my role in the first launch of a high off-boresight missile targeted with a helmet-mounted sight.

What that means to you is that I'm quite used to quickly coming to grips with complex technologies – technologies that most copywriters can't get their heads around. Plus, I truly understand your target market, because I've been part of it for such a long time.

Unlike most engineers, though, I actually enjoy and take pride in writing well.

Throughout my engineering career, supervisors and colleagues praised the clarity of my specifications, presentations and user documentation. I became the go-to engineer for writing-intensive assignments like white papers, trade studies and customer briefs.

But after 20 years in the highly cyclical defense business, I'd grown tired of all the ups and downs. So when a program termination left me without a job – during yet another industry downturn (eyes rolled heavenward for emphasis) – I decided to stop chasing security clearances and pursue my passion for writing.

An engineer who can write effective, lead-generating copy

I decided to reinvented myself – as a B2B copywriter.

I read scores of books. I completed courses in B2B, direct response, online and SEO copywriting, and in specialty formats like white papers and case studies.

I participated in dozens of workshops and seminars where I learned directly from some of the top copywriters in the business, including Michael Masterson, Bob Bly, Steve Slaunwhite, Gordon Graham, Michael Stelzner and Nick Usborne.

This means that unlike many copywriters who simply rely on their collegiate journalism training – or just wing it – I use proven strategies, processes and formulas that consistently produce bottom-line results. This ensures that the copy I write for you will be on target, well written, and work well in your marketing.

I've written for industry giants like General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. I've also written for many smaller companies across a broad range of technologies, including Cymbet, DIT-MCO International, MBS Electronic Systems, and Estuate. So no matter what size company you work for, or what you do, I'll write you copy that fits your brand image and produces the results you need.

CopyEngineer = (Valuable Resource)2

What clients say they like most about working with me is that I really "get" their technology, their market, and B2B marketing in general. That's because I consistently deliver copy that's on time and on target, even to tight deadlines.

Steve Grady, VP of Marketing at Cymbet Corporation, says of me:

"John Cole is one of the few copywriters who combines both a deep technical
background with a complete understanding of the customer acquisition benefits
of well written white papers, technical briefs and case studies. An example of
his skills is an executive briefing John created for us. This executive briefing
has been well received by management at several of our customers, which
in turn has accelerated design wins."

In other words, the copy I write for you won't get hung up in your review cycle, require endless re-writes and threaten to slip you schedule. In fact, I guarantee my copy will be just what you want, or I'll fix it. Promptly. At no extra charge.

When I'm not writing high-ROI marketing copy…

Besides writing for business and pleasure, I'm also an avid skier and choral singer, a connoisseur of fine wines, single malt whiskies and craft-brewed beers, and a devoted husband and father.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University. I also earned a B.A. in Music there. (But after many years of voice lessons, I finally had to admit an operatic career was not in the cards.)

My greatest accomplishment? Adopting my daughter Rosabel from Peru and making a home for her with my wife, Silvia. For job satisfaction, you just can't beat it.


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