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Finding a copywriter who truly understands your high-tech solutions can be difficult. Even tougher is finding a writer who not only “speaks engineer”, but who can translate complex technologies into clear business benefits that are compelling to decision-makers.

That’s where CopyEngineer comes in. A technology copywriting specialist, I combine 20 years of high-tech industry experience with sound strategy and proven direct-response copywriting techniques to drive superior marketing results. Find out why I’m different > >

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Do you need to develop precision-targeted marketing materials that sell your technology effectively to both executives and engineers? Do you want to create high-impact campaigns and engaging content that:

• Drive greater demand for your high-tech products and services?

• Generate more high-quality leads?

• Shorten your sales cycles?

Whether you need a white paper, case study, trade article, advertisement, sales letter, landing page or website content, CopyEngineer can help. See a full list of my services > >

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10 Common Mistakes That Kill White Paper ROI

Several recent studies point to one specific marketing tool – the white paper – as the most powerful for influencing technology buyers. But a survey of over 500 technology companies showed that more than 83% of those offering white papers were making at least four of
10 deadly mistakes that can destroy a white paper’s effectiveness.

My latest special report has all the details – including how to avoid all ten of those fatal errors. Click here to request your FREE copy > >


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10 Common Mistakes That Kill White Paper ROI
How to Avoid Them and Generate More Leads
10 Common Mistakes That Kill White Paper ROI

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